Minalex Corporation is certified as meeting the requirements of
AS 9100 Rev. C / ISO 9001:2008

25 Coddington Road, PO Box 247, Whitehouse Station NJ 08889
Phone: 908-534-4044 Fax: 908-534-6788

A master craftsman of Miniature Aluminum Extrusions.

Minalex Corporation is an industry leader in the manufacture and supply of miniature aluminum extrusions. We have been providing satisfied customers with the precision they demand for over 49 years. We are a full service company, providing a finished, quality product that conforms exactly to customer specifications. With decades of experience and over tens of thousands of unique extrusion shapes in our history, Minalex is a "can do" company that is bolstered by an established family of service providers, allowing us to handle your requirements quickly and efficiently. The most common requirements that Minalex fulfills are: precision length with critical tolerances, tumbling, anodizing, machining, and fabrication. Our experienced sales and engineering staff will get you the product you want. From start to finish, we produce high quality, precision extrusions with tolerances that exceed industry standards.

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