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ITAR Registered
AMS Specs
MIL Spec
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The Industry Leader In Miniature Aluminum Extrusions

Specializing In Custom Extrusions

Don't worry, we also have a large selection of standard shapes we can extrude for you.

Minalex Corporation manufactures high tolerance, small profile aluminum extrusions. We specialize and excel at producing custom solutions. Minalex is a full service company, providing a finished, quality product that conforms exactly to customer specification. We are approaching our 52nd year of business, during which we have designed and produced tens of thousands of unique extrusion shapes.

Increasingly important, even critical for some customers, are reliable and certifiable procedures and products. Minalex Corporation has been consistently proactive in it's approach within the industry, and here we are no different. We are a fully AS9100 and ISO9001 certified company. Furthermore, ITAR certification has become essential for a number of companies, and in such cases those customers may rest easy knowing Minalex is fully ITAR certified. Add to this the long list of specifications we support and you have a reliable, accountable aluminum extrusion source.

Minalex is a "can do" company! We will handle your requirements for a finished product quickly and efficiently. The most common requirements that Minalex fulfills are:

From start to finish, we produce high quality, precision extrusions with tolerances that exceed industry standards.





AS 9100

AMS Specs


Lbs/Ft <= 1.500
kg/m <= 2.2322

ISO 9001

MIL Spec


>= 0.003 in
>= 0.076 mm

ITAR Registered

QQ Specs


Circle Size
<= 3.500 in
<= 8.890 cm