From Concept To Final Product

Minalex's flexibility coupled with our dependability and experience provide for the unrivaled quality of your finished product, regardless of typical or atypical needs.

Precision Cut

Often a finished piece requires a small section of the original extrusion. These pieces routinely need highly accurate measurements in order to fulfill extremely specific requirements of an overall design. We understand how critical this is, and we push the envelope with precision cut capabilities producing sections down to 0.003 inches (0.076 mm). When you require your extrusions to be cut down to an exact size, you can rely on a tolerance measurement operating down to 0.001 inch (0.0254 mm). We are very precise.


After pieces are cut and/or machined, there can be sharp edges or small, unwanted burrs. Deburring is the process of removing these artifacts. Minalex can provide this service for you, adding efficiency to the process and cost-savings to your bottom line.



Tumbling is a highly economical finishing process that is used for a number of purposes. From simple cleaning to polishing, brightening, or a preparation for the next step in the production of your finished piece. Our customers can rely on Minalex to provide this service, providing a cost-effective and seamless road to a completed product.



Anodize   Iridite   Paint   Other

We offer wide and encompassing support for finishing techniques. Our decades-long experience ensures that we have tackled just about every imaginable surfacing/finishing requirement. Customers will benefit from our established and finely tuned procedures. As with all our services, we handle everything, ensuring quality and efficiency at every step.


CNC Machining

One of the steps that can be required for an extrusion to become a finished piece is CNC Machining. Minalex can take care of this for you - saving you time and money in the process. Exacting precision from a dozen pieces to thousands of pieces, from start to finish, dependable quality never waivers.


No matter your need, Minalex will provide it: design, production, fabrication and finish. Among our many value added services, it may be that one is paramount: our expertise. This cannot be understated when searching for someone to handle your special requirements, your critical tolerance custom profiles, and your secondary production needs.

Regardless of your requirements,

Minalex will deliver your product.





AS 9100

AMS Specs


Lbs/Ft <= 1.500
kg/m <= 2.2322

ISO 9001

MIL Spec


>= 0.003 in
>= 0.076 mm

ITAR Registered

QQ Specs


Circle Size
<= 3.500 in
<= 8.890 cm